Thursday, January 12, 2012

Questions From the Audience - Basics

Where do you buy your basics, and what rules of style apply? Tees, socks, etc.?
I stick to solid tees at all times, which I wear only underneath other shirts. I've seen several blogs recommend packs of heather grey v-neck tees to wear under shirts. Why grey as opposed to black or white? Black absorbs heat, while white reflects light and may show through your overshirt. Grey keeps you cool while absorbing light. I have no problem with this choice, aside from the fact that those Hanes or Fruit of the Loom multi-packs are cheap for good reason. The shirts are quite flimsy and wear out quickly. I prefer v-neck tees from Club Room at Macy's. These run $9.99 but you can generally purchase them under $7. If you check on a regular basis, you can load up during a sale at under $4 a piece. The tees are 100% cotton, very soft, quite durable through wear and washing. 

I appreciate more variety in my sock selection. Target's Merona brand puts out a wonderful selection of quality socks each season. You can pick up combo packs under $6.50 and individual pairs under $3. Club Room also offers excellent socks under $5 a pair. I find the two brands to be similar in overall quality and variety, and at almost any time you can find styles on clearance for practically nothing. Discount stores like Marshall's and T. J. Maxx offer designer selections between 30%-75% off original retail. I most often buy any Polo socks here, as well as boot socks and athletic socks. I just bought my first few pair of Woolrich boot socks at Marshall's, and I've found them to be very soft and thick but uncomfortably warm. I enjoy athletic socks from standard athleticwear brands such as Adidas and Puma.

Also, a Wish List item for the day.

Sperry olive suede brogues.

Please discuss.


  1. Ha! Club Room. Macy's attempt to put its own spin on trad/ivy/prep. Club Room even has some nice white, pink, and button down oxfords with a Wasp on the breast that look really nice, but I have not been able to find them in anything but medium through extra large.

    Club Room makes a decent selection of dress shirts in general, and their cashmere sweaters are quite nice.

    1. I'm pleased with the quality of many Club Room items, especially the tees and socks, as mentioned above. The cashmere is a good value, particularly if you pick up the final selections available on clearance right about now. I chuckle every time I see that wasp logo. The Club Room sweater vests are among my favorite personal wardrobe pieces. I've managed to collect about ten over the past few years under $15.

      I'm also a big fan of the Tasso Elba brand. This season's sweaters are reminiscent of some Paul Stuart selections, though at a fraction of the price.

  2. saw the olive shoes on sale for $78 ... a little too green