Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Outerwear

Following up on my last post, here's an overview of my outerwear. Luckily, these pieces are all up on the Polo site, so I didn't have to raid my closets for photos.

(left) Polo cotton barracuda. Essential summer wear.
(right) Polo bi-swing windbreaker. Great on the golf course.

(left) Polo Stratford jacket. Just right on a rainy day with its hideaway hood.
(right) Polo Richmond quilted jacket. My go-to for cool weather camping, hiking, etc.

Polo Kempton car coat. The perfect balance of style, utility, comfort and warmth.

These all came from either eBay or clearance sales. The Kempton jacket alone runs over $500, but I paid just over $300 for all five.


  1. That is a lot of Ralph.

    FYI, I prefer personal pictures over stock photos. They tend to be more interesting.

    1. I prefer Polo outerwear because it gives me combination of style and fit. I can layer well under any of these without feeling stuffy or constricted. I never liked the feeling of those oversized, puffy winter coats that parents stuff you into as a kid. So now having the option, I enjoy something lightweight and simple.

      I thought of taking some photos but it wasn't worth digging through my spring/summer closet to find three of the five.