Friday, January 6, 2012

Lucky Colors

Actually, I don't believe in luck. I believe a man's fortune to be determined by wise decisions and a bit of chance. Every time I pair pink and green, I have success in the events of the day. This has proved true both in business and my personal life. I could go on about the psychology of color, something I've read far too much about in my studies of advertising, but somehow these colors just work for me. Perhaps it's the confidence I display while wearing these colors together? Perhaps it's the attention-grabbing combination, itself? 

I just know that red and blue are not and will never be my power colors, unlike a vast majority of badly suited businessmen. You should wear the clothes, the colors, with which you're comfortable, though it never hurts to step outside the realm of comfort to be bold and daring. It's a new year. Take a chance and challenge yourself to experiment with new colors and new, yet classic, pieces of clothing. The results might surprise you.

Also, get out there and hit the thrift shops!

Shirt - Polo semi-spread poplin
Tie - Lauren Ralph Lauren
Sweater - Polo pima cotton
Cardigan - Merona marled cotton
Jeans - Levi's tumbled rigid 559
Socks - Scott Nichol
Shoes - Bass Weejuns


  1. Well, yes. That's certainly one way to greet the day.

  2. I greet each day with boldness in both dress and manner. It works for me. Is there a particular color scheme you prefer?

  3. No, not really. A kelly green or darker tends to make my eyes seem really bright. I have green eyes, but they don't really come out unless I am wearing a green. I do wear lime green, as you have seen, but that can tend to clash with my eyes, since they're a darker green, so I don't wear it as often. I think I'd wear more green and red if it wasn't so associated with Christmas.

    But no, no particular color scheme. Just whatever I feel like that day.