Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Sweater Week: Day 1

After scouring eBay for the most dreadful holiday sweaters, I came upon some so ugly I'll be posting one each day for the rest of the week. Each piece to be posted is a men's sweater, and free of homemade decoration such as cotton balls, glitter fabric paint and garland. I saw plenty of those and my eyes are still recovering, so I won't be bludgeoning your holiday spirit as well. This also seems like a good time to run a contest. I've been invited to several ugly holiday sweater parties, so I think it's fitting to throw one via the Cable Knit Charlestonian.

Take a photo of yourself wearing an ugly holiday sweater, or somebody else wearing one, or even one you find at a thrift shop. Send your photos to ckcshoppe@gmail.com, perhaps with a caption of your reaction to the sweater. The deadline will be this Sunday at 10PM Eastern, and the champ will be announced the following day. The winner will receive a set of vintage Lochcarron tartan ties, the perfect accessory for this time of year.

So I said I'd only post one sweater a day but I need to catch up from Monday and honestly, I'd definitely wear the first one. The second? Well, I'd rather wear an outfit of Tommy Hilfiger.


  1. That whale sweater is fly as hell. I would wear the beejeebus out of it.

  2. Mister - Amen. Hope to see you enter the contest! I searched for the sweater again but can't seem to find the listing.

  3. Great idea. I agree though, the green whale one is just awesome. I have a few of the more traditional ugly sweaters that I've picked up for the occasion over the past few seasons. We'll have to see what we can swing.