Thursday, December 22, 2011

Color and Love Know No Season

Although I can't wait for snow, this unseasonably warm east coast winter has me longing to breakout my summer wardrobe again. This photo comes from the Brooks Brothers spring collection and features my favorite color combination. There's nothing like pink and green to say GTH.  

This look also reminds me of a dear relative and mentor I lost this year. My uncle Philip was an incredible gentleman who dressed better than any blogger, any model, any celebrity I've seen. He had a knack for bold style which matched his grand personality. Each Sunday at church he'd be the first you spot in his natty outfit, something like this pink blazer and green chinos, accompanied by a monogrammed pocket square, a bright paisley tie and perhaps sunny yellow socks. My connection to him extends beyond my stupid love of style, as I'll forever be a better man because of his generosity, wisdom and kindness. 

Let's forget about commercialism for a moment and remember what this season truly means.


  1. I'd wear it.

    I didn't really go anywhere, it's just that studies come first. I still never really leave the blogosphere. I just become quieter.