Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Necktie Emporium Review

What's so special about this tie? Several things. First, it was sent to me by Necktie Emporium in order to write my first-ever sponsored product review. Second, it's unlike any tie I've worn since childhood. Third, I've been honored not only to receive this tie, but to have the opportunity to give it to my father, for a very particular reason.

I begin this review by reasserting my belief that any grown man should know how to tie a tie. However, not every man is physically capable of doing this, whether from arthritis, muscular dystrophy, stroke and so on. Several years ago my father had a stroke, and he has been without the use of his right arm since that time. Left completely incapable of setting a tie for himself, he began using clip-on ties.

Necktie Emporium offers a variety of traditional, clip-on (including bow ties), and zipper ties for both men and boys. Though when given the opportunity to choose any tie for review, I chose this clip-on specifically with my father's needs in mind. It's hard enough to find a clip-on for an adult, even harder to find a quality piece made of silk.

In picking this tie, I was blessed to find exactly what my father needed and wanted. The metal clip is incredibly sturdy, yet easy to put on or take off with only one hand. Not only did I attempt this at least twenty times, my father did as well and had no issues. The tie knot is hefty enough to fill the collar gap and create the illusion of a traditional tie. Beyond all this, as you can easily see in the photos, the tie is actually woven very well. Composed of 100% silk, the tie rather thick, very soft, and excellently stitched. A nice bonus with this piece is a lifetime warranty from the clip manufacturer.
Overall, I'm quite pleased with my experience. Necktie Emporium puts out a solid variety of products, including traditional ties which I look to order for myself some time soon. Moreover, this is a company that stands behind its products and offers quality at a low price, providing great value to the customer. From the first email I received about doing a review until the time my tie shipped, the company representative could not have been kinder nor more accommodating. I even received a personal letter in the tie box. My thanks go to Necktie Emporium and my readers for making something like this possible.

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