Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Goat Fluff

Holy cashmere, trad man! Polo. Black. Cable. Cashmere. One dollar? Yes! May God bless the guy who gave up on this sweater with its only flaw being an easily-sewn hole the size of a pea. A quick stitch, a run of the lint roller and I'll be rocking my new 99.75% off goat fluff.


  1. Yet another awesome snag. What's your sweater spectrum up to? I'm envious.

  2. Well...
    17 Polo cashmere sweaters, around 30 total.
    The rest of these numbers are approximated.
    40 sweater vests, 25 argyle sweaters, 8 Fair Isle sweaters, 10 quarter zip sweaters, 12 shawl collar sweaters, 40 pima cotton sweaters, 30 Polo cotton or silk cable knit sweaters (including cricket sweaters).