Friday, September 30, 2011

Your Questions, My Answers

Okay, so I've paraphrased...

What's with the whole Cable Knit Collegian, CKC, Cable Knit Charlestonian thing?
Well, I'm no longer in college so Collegian isn't quite appropriate. CKC's simply more catchy. Charleston's my home town.

Why Cable Knit? 
Why not? I've always worn cable knit sweaters and currently have around fifty. When coming up with a title for the blog, I spent several days thinking of a particular piece of style I find to be my own. I know only a handful of people, even fellow bloggers, to be fond of cable knits. 

What inspires you to keep blogging?
I'm inspired by the ignorance most men have regarding classic style. Growing up in an era where some guys think putting on a tee without stains is dressing up, I feel compelled to closely examine my own style and that of others so greater mankind stops looking like shit. But seriously, I'm inspired by other bloggers. When I finally started writing, I'd been given the confidence to do so by reading Maxminimus and An Affordable Wardrobe for several months prior. Now, I have a strong list of blogosphere acquaintances who keep me encouraged.


  1. And we enjoy visiting the CKC blog for your take on dressing with panache.

    Best Regards,

    Ulrich von B.

  2. Keep up the good work. You write with soul, an ingredient missing from most fashion blogs.

  3. Alan - I appreciate the kind words. When I reset my blog layout I lost my links. I've now added you back on to my blog roll.

  4. Thanks! I reciprocated w/ a link to yours.