Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tied Up Times Six


The same day I found my last set of ties, I also purchased these six bow ties.

Though all Countess Mara, I discovered these at three different locations.

The solid blue tie came from T.J. Maxx, the striped and dot ties came from Marshall's, and the paisley set came from Macy's.

While I'm certainly most pleased with the paisley ties, new to the Countess Mara collection this season, I was pleasantly surprised to see the other three slightly imperfect pieces hit the discount market.

Though I almost always stick to thrift shops and eBay for standard ties, bow ties are very rare at the thrifts, and unreasonably expensive on eBay due to high demand. Therefore I didn't mind paying for all six of these, a savings of 75%.

Which piece would you wear most frequently?

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