Friday, September 16, 2011

Meet the Hilfigers and Run

With each new season's ad campaign, I ask myself why Phillips-Van Heusen just had to save the failing Tommy Hilfiger brand. Recently watching the new fall video, I felt ever so compelled to highlight several of the preppy-mansion-party-people.

A few of my least favorite buzz words come to mind.

Max - Authentic is everyone's least favorite frat boy looking stoned with with sloppy hair and ski goggles. Oh, and the ascot. Right.

Francis - Iconic in that sexually ambiguous hair cut. Maybe Max should lend this guy his facial hair.  Just below is Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas. Separated at birth? Hmm.

Luis - Tradition shines forth from another ski bum toting the whole late 90's ski goggles and fuzzy hair thing. Who knew Tommy Hilfiger drew inspiration from Seth Green? 

Emily - Heritage on cue from Annie Hall. Well, close enough.

Yes, I realize Ralphie uses these buzz words all the time and to his brand I hold great loyalty, but still I despise the grossly overused verbiage. If you're going to put an emphasis on WASP/prep/trad/whatever life, stay away from all this frat boy/beatnik/ski bum/hipster shit stuff. No, no, shit is more appropriate.

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