Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good Old Fashioned Goat Fluff

Inspired by ADG's post One Hundred Percent Cashmere - One Hundred Percent eBay in early 2010 I set off on a personal quest for Polo cashmere sweaters. I'd come upon several pieces of so-so cashmere at the thrift shops, but nothing like the classic cable-knits. In my frequent eBay searches, I scoured pages of knock-offs and found nothing decently priced until up popped a set of four cashmere sweaters. Two of them were from Macy's Club Room line, the other two were Polo in emerald green and brown. Of course, at a Buy It Now price of $25.99, I pounced on the deal and began to search even harder in future queries.

After awhile I realized no other such deal would come along but I was quite happy to find another set of four - all Polo sweaters this time for $151. In the lot I picked up a white RLX quarter-zip piece and the traditional cable-knits in blue, yellow and orange. 

Six sweaters in, I wanted more. Several months went by before I found my next set - navy blue heather and tan heather for around $37.50. Again taking advantage of timing and Buy It Now pricing, I had no problem with fixing two small holes which had been carelessly left unmended since having the price tags ripped away.

Eight down, six to go. 

The most recent acquisitions have come to me one at a time over the spring and summer.  My black, pink (Polo Golf), bright pink, bright orange, orange heather, and bright green cost no more than thirty dollars each.

I'd like to think I've finished this absurd cashmere quest, but as shown by the Ralph Lauren sweater bar, there are many more colors to be had and new pieces find their way to eBay each day. Besides, these fourteen sweaters cost me just under $400, the cost of a single new one.

Onward, ADG-inspired in a rainbow of goat coats.


  1. Sweaters: always overlooked by menswear bloggers. Comfort food when everyone starts wearing 3 watches at once.

  2. these are going to come in handy soon. thanks so much scott for your very lovely comment on my blog. i really appreciate it! enjoy your holiday weekend

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. Great find. Well done. Those are beautiful, especially the light pinks and lime green.

    Word of caution: you should not be "ADG-inspired" *anything*. Beware... ;-)