Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From the Thrifts

For many, Labor Day marks the beginning of fall and with it, fall shopping. All the thrift shops seem to be putting out sweaters which have been donated throughout the summer, and there are plenty of deals to discover. Here's my haul from today.

First up is a sweater from Schwabe-May, one of the landmark menswear stores in my city. Pink and green birdseye patten over a pale yellow background, 100% cotton and perfect for year-round use. I just need to wash out a few small coffee stains and it'll be like new again.
I've never been a Nautica guy, so this is likely to hit the CKC Shoppe. However, back in the 90's Nautica put out some decent stuff, especially this 100% wool, raglan sleeve piece. If you're a Nautica guy, well, enjoy wearing the hell out of that big N in fuzzy warmth.
Another cable-knit to the collection. Some white thread will fix this up quite well, then I'll be all set to cheer on the likes of Penn State.

Okay, I'm not a PSU fan, but thank goodness it's football season!
It's beginning to look a lot like super-loud-fuzzy-intarsia-adorned Christmas! A little snug for me but again I couldn't pass on this. Up for grabs soon at the CKC Shoppe!
The wool goodness continues from the Land o' Ire. Apparently Blarney Castle Designs (what a name) puts out a good argyle sweater.
Also making a return appearance to the thrift shop... scarves! Though beyond idiotic to buy a used cap, used scarves are fair game once cleaned up like any other thrift shop find. Dress Gordon by Murray Brothers and straight from Scotland.

Happy thrifting, ladies and gents!


  1. I thrifted well today, and as you know that is a rarity for me. A brand new pair of Colhaan tassle loafers, a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren cordovan Daltons for $7! (Original price: $795!). A few ties, a Vinyard Vines polo, and a nice Land's end blue OCBD.

  2. Kionon - Glad to hear of your excellent luck. Quite jealous of the cordovan find. The only two pair of cordovans I've found were Allen Edmonds tassel loafers in size 8, which would never fit me. The Lands' End oxfords are quite underrated. Nice grab.

  3. The hits keep on coming. A friend gave me to pairs of unworn Colhaan buckle loafers in original packaging. I'm going to keep the burgundy pair, but I think I'm going to ebay the black pair.

  4. Bah, two. Need to preread better.

  5. I'm not really into buckle loafers, even monkstraps, but Cole Haan makes them very well. I prefer tassel or bit loafers.