Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to Basics in Blue and Orange

A friend of mine finds great joy in calling me Stripes, due to my propensity for wearing striped shirts, ties, socks, etc. Taking a challenge upon myself to wear everything solid for a day, I came up with this outfit.

Quite simple, yet bold enough for me. When not creating visual appeal from stripes, foulards, and plaids, one must rely on color to make a statement. This look rests with the thought of blue and orange being complimentary colors. The purple-blue oxford and blue chambray bow tie don't overpower the bright orange sweater. The medium rinse of the jeans plays with the tones of the chambray, and the orange-red tone of the loafers serves the sweater well.

Oxford and sweater - Polo Ralph Lauren.
Bow tie - Saddlebred.
Jeans - Agave.
Loafers - Allen Edmonds.

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