Wednesday, September 28, 2011

201 Down and Questions from the Audience

I occasionally receive emails from readers with questions about style - pattern mixing, smart shopping, building a wardrobe - those sorts of things. However, questions sometimes come along regarding my professional life and my personal interests, subjects I generally don't share. Though in the spirit of my 201st post (because a special 200th post is cliche), I've decided to answer several of these messages, and I'll be answering style questions throughout the week.

What do you do in the real world?
I run a graphic design studio called Camel Jockey Productions and am currently in the process of launching an advertising firm. I spend a great deal of time with my family and am involved with my church (Antiochian Orthodox), teaching Sunday school and advising the youth group.

You've mentioned your ethnicity before, but where's your family from?
I'm a bit of an ethnic mutt, but I'm predominately Lebanese. My mom's family is from Lebanon, while my dad's family hales from Germany and Great Britain. Oh, I'm also very slightly Cherokee.

Where did you go to school?
I attended two universities in my home state. I spent two years at a large university upstate before coming home and spending two years at a very small school where I received my degree.

Why don't you buy a razor and shave that damn beard?
I've received this question on several occasions. If you're visiting my blog and are more concerned with my facial hair than the hair of a cashmere goat, I urge you to find a hipster and criticize his scraggly beard.

What are some of your musical influences?
Ben Folds has played a large part in my musical interests, and I find him to be the most underrated artist around. If you've never listened to his music, please start now. Seriously, start up YouTube and learn. Aside from that, I enjoy almost everything from Beethoven to the Beatles. Opera. Ragtime. Jazz. Byzantine chanting... yep.

What sports do you follow and who do you like?
Basketball - Los Angeles Lakers.    Football - Minnesota Vikings.
Soccer - Liverpool.                         Baseball - Cincinnati Reds.
Hockey - Detroit Red Wings.          Golf - Rory McElroy.
Tennis - Novak Djokovic.               Rugby - Black Heath.
I also love to play every single one of these sports. 

Any more questions? Leave a comment!

Onward to my 301st...

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