Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tied on to the Details

I've collected many things since my childhood. One might say I currently collect clothing, given my absurd propensity for shopping. While that may be true, I'm proud to claim one ever-evolving collection - ties. Though I've recently cut my set in half simply due to a lack of space (the most difficult sartorial choices I've ever made), I'm always on the hunt for important neckwear. What's important? I rarely need to wear a tie, but I very often choose to wear one. Therefore every tie, to me, is a choice and not a last-minute work obligation. My criteria?

True quality - almost always made in America, England or Italy.

Natural fibers - only a handful of exceptions in over three hundred ties.

Never trendy - standard lengths and widths with paisleys, stripes, foulards and plaids. 

Just arrived from the shopping ebyss known as eBay are these two ties, full of interesting characteristics that make them important to me.

Two very vintage silk knits. Okay, so the photos don't give proper credit to how lustrous and well-woven these are.

But what I love more so are the details on the back.

Nat Lewis of New York, a brand with great history that seems to be long-gone.

Next up is branding like I've never seen on a tie. "Bright as the sun." "Contains daylight fluorescent color." Maybe it's my love of advertising, but I think these are pretty special and therefore two important adds to my collection.

It's all in the details, even the ones others can't see.

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  1. I'm partial to silk repp/regimental and seasonal plaids. I have two solids. I am not a paisley fan. Off hand I'd say I only have about twenty ties, and I'd probably easily do without five of them entirely. There are a few regimentals I am still looking to find, but not many.