Monday, August 15, 2011

Taking a Bow

Two years ago I began wearing bow ties again. I hadn't worn a single bow tie since childhood and was hesitant to follow a trend, so I started off with a few thrifted pieces.


 My collection has grown to thirty-two since that time and I've come to realize something. Just like the entire Ivy/Prep/Trad trend, bow ties will fade back into uncool obscurity and out of fashion.


Yet, such unconventionally cool pieces will always be in style for individuals.

 Plaid, solid.

We should remember this is the very essence of style - timeless individuality through self-expression.


Or something eloquent like that.

More stripes.

Have a wonderful week, ladies and gents!

More stripes.


  1. I wish to steal that yellow and blue one. I have a J. PRESS tie in exactly those colors because they are my high school colors. It'd be nice to have the bow tie version too!

  2. Some great choices. Looking forward to more photos!