Monday, August 8, 2011

Don't Sweater the Small Stuff

Aside from dumb luck, persistence is the key to finding a bargain. This tale holds a bit of both.

Recently I'd been browsing eBay with untypically high frequency in search of a few particular items. One of the few particular items I have not yet replaced since my house burned down two years ago is a traditional, wool cricket sweater. Though relatively few wool sweaters are listed during summer, as opposed to winter when the market is flooded, now is the time to jump on a great deal.

Unfortunately, I'm yet to come upon a cricket sweater that suits me.

Fortunately, I discovered several items for which I never would have thought to specifically search. I own only a few items from Rugby, as I most often stick to Polo or Brooks for wardrobe. However, I could not and certainly did not pass up on the all-time GTH cardigan and a bold yet classic Fair Isle vest.

I also picked up seven other sweaters in what was a nine item lot. See something you like? The rest of these are eventually going in the CKC Shoppe for a few bucks. Here's a much better look.

Just after that purchase, I found this beautiful plaid sweater. I considered picking it up at Macy's a couple seasons back but the clearance price remained a bit high for me. Now it's come to me at around 95% off original retail.

I'm very much looking forward to the weather turning just so I can try these out. Eh, I'll probably build some outfit photos when they arrive anyway. Happy eBay hunting!


  1. I just recently scored a couple of finds myself. I picked up some really nice old LL Bean blucher mocs that have been well oiled from Ebay and I've bid on some camp moc loafers. I also scored an unworn pair of Bass boat shoes in the closer thrift store, which, as usual was 99% abercrombie. I did find a nice dark navy Lacoste polo I also picked up, although it was made in Peru, and not as nice as my vintage one made in France.

    I'll be doing an Essential Wear post on these finds as soon as the blucher mocs get here, and I'm also planning a Behavior article on how to take care of boat shoes so they look both well broken in, but also full of life.

  2. Congrats on your finds! Looking forward to those posts! Is there a particular type of oil you prefer for your shoes?

  3. Actually, yeah. Back when I had my 2000 BMW 323i sport sedan (I sold it when I moved to Japan, for obvious reasons. Sad, sad day. I drive a beater Toyota Camry now, since there's no point in having a good car when you're between countries, and it was free), I started using Meguiar's Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner and Conditioner to keep the seats all nice and to avoid cracking. I spilled some on my shoes and started to freak out (not realising leather is leather is leather), and when I wiped the shoes off they got better!

    You can see a picture of the bottle here: