Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Blast from Polo's Past

Picked up from the thrift shop today is this wonderfully vintage Polo sweater, with colors that somehow remind me of the prep look in Weekend at Bernie's.

It's a little snug for me, so I hope to find it a new home via the CKC Shoppe!

A little brown-nosing, a little ass-kissing, work our way up that corporate ladder. Why can't you be a lazy sh*t like I am? 

An update: until midnight, all items in the CKC Shoppe are 20% off when you enter code CKC20.


  1. If that was a S, or even an M (layering?) I'd be all over that. Unfortunately, if it is slightly snug on you, I'd be swimming in it.

  2. I generally wear XL or XXL but I'd hoped this sweater, a Large, would work as Polo sweaters from this period tend to run oversized.