Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wear While You Can

The days of wearing linen jackets and madras ties are coming to a close, but for the next month I'll be abusing all the bold and breezy fabrics my own eyes can stand.

These blazers were uncovered at a local thrift shop last month. $5.49 each. Given the lack of labels I can only assume they were made-to-measure, but fortunately the fit on me is almost perfect. (I always need the sleeves altered.)

The ties are all true Indian madras, from Lands' End, Gant, and Resilio. Though picked up at different times, each tie cost only one dollar. 

Given the absurd brightness of this stuff, I like to keep the rest of the gear simple. A white/light blue shirt paired with white/tan linen trousers, and burnished tan loafers.

I realize the more popular shoe choice would be white bucks, of which I own several pair, but for this type of outfit they blur the line between classic summer swagger and classically cheesy costume.

What's your go-to summer blazer? Seersucker, gingham, madras, solid linen?


  1. Those jackets are all absolutely ridiculous. I think I could maybe do the lime one, but the orange and purple are just a bit outside what I could pull off (of course, I imagine I'd get looks even trying any of them).

    I'm assuming those are pseudo working sleeves, otherwise it would be a bear to get them altered. Crazy finds. Love all the madras ties, too.

    Oh, and to answer your question, my fave summer blazer is an unstructured cotton one right now. Unfortunately, I don't even own a seersucker or gingham jacket in my size, but I am on the hunt...

  2. Thanks, AC. Always great to hear from you. I'm sure you could work any of these. The middle jacket is actually a beautiful pink/salmon color, which I've found easiest to wear. The purple is by far the toughest.

    I'm always searching for jackets to fit you and David, but the local thrift wells have run dry the last few months, aside from a few lucky days.

  3. Not in Dallas, they aren't. It's been over 100F for the last couple of weeks, and it'll probably remain so throughout August. I don't think I'll be trading in the summer fashions for fall until I had back to Japan in October...