Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Walk This eWay

What does $75 buy you on eBay? These, which will be arriving in coming days. I keep telling myself I need no more shoes, but it's hard to pass on four pair at less than the price of one.

Cole Haan tassel loafers. I already have this style in a burgundy/cordovan but had been looking for a lighter tone for summer.

Cole Haan penny loafers. I have these in dark brown. A large step up from Bass Weejuns and perfect for summer.

Cole Haan shortwings. These will be my first Cole Haan brogues. A little scuffed but good for more casual days.

Allen Edmonds St. Michel loafers. Though not generally into buckled shoes, I couldn't pass up this deal. This particular pair features a Vibram rubber sole, perfect for long days at work.

In which pair would you find the greatest use?


  1. Great buys! My personal preference is for the first pair of tasseled loafers and the wingtips.

    Best Regards. . .

  2. Prinz - Not sure at this point which pair will get the most action. I keep a large rotation of loafers for everyday use, and brogues I usually save for church and dressier occasions.