Friday, June 10, 2011

Madriful Madrasity

Madras. Yep.

What's your favorite piece?


  1. I'd feel like a clown, wearing madras.

    But here are my favorite pics:
    The black guy (2 pics top left) and maybe the white guy (bottom left).

  2. I don't care for any of the outfits, but sorta do like the jacket on the guy with the bow.

  3. Mike - You can certainly pull it off. It's taken some time for me to build enough confidence to wear madras. Now, shorts aren't an issue, but I still deliberate whether to wear my madras jacket on certain occasions.

    Toad - I agree, I wouldn't be sporting an entire outfit here. Though some of the pieces, madras or otherwise, are quite nice for summer. I especially enjoy the yellow madras jacket.

  4. Plenty of madras is my closet. I prefer to keep business on top, go to hell on the bottom. I'd wear a madras blazer very sparingly.

  5. Kionon - I have a patch madras blazer, shorts, and several ties. The shorts get plenty of wear but I'm still testing the waters for my blazer.

    As far as basic madras, I've a blazer, a few shirts and a bunch of ties which I love to wear throughout summer.