Friday, June 3, 2011

Beep Beep in a Jeep

While there may be an obprepssion (yes, prep-obsession) with the Wagoneer, I've always been fond of the full Jeep lineup. These are my top selections, primed to take on winding woodland roads, absurdly low mileage and all.  


  1. Ha - I just sold my 99 Cherokee Sport (identical to your last picture, but in dark green) after 6+ years of faithful, trouble-free ownership. I miss it already... but I've moved onto something else:

  2. RH - Something about those late 90's Cherokees I really love. I've been searching but I'm yet to find one locally in decent condition.

    Your new ride happens to be another of my favorites. Nothing like a vintage BMW. The new stuff is too sleek for me.