Friday, May 13, 2011

Two Pennies, a Buckle and a Boat

Two pennies, a buckle and a boat walk out of a shoe store... and into a bar? Anyway...

The time has come to stock up on summer shoes. My previous casual rotation included both Ralph Lauren and L.L. Bean brown leather boat shoes (had to retire my Top-Siders the year before), Ralph Lauren orange leather boat shoes, Cole Haan brown leather tassel loafers and Bass brown leather Weejun loafers. Clearly, aside from the splash of orange, things were a bit bland. I had purchased nearly all my shoes from thrift shops over the last few years so I didn't mind setting aside some cash for new things this year.

I'll start off with an old standard, the penny loafer, in navy.  I realize navy/blue shoes are somewhat trendy right now, but with such a deep shade I'm still playing it safe. These come from Sperry and feature the classic Top-Sider sole and overall construction.
It's hard to find decent green boat shoes. Why have I been wanting green boat shoes? No idea. However, I found what I wanted between these Top-Siders and the loafers that come next. I have plenty of GTH gear, but had been lacking shoes that say the absurd colors alone of these shoes will kick you in the face.

While my Top-Siders get plenty of use around water, they're not the most comfortable to walk around in all day so I highly recommend durable gel insoles that won't be ruined when wet.

Polo grain leather penny driving mocs in a green that matches a Jaguar I hope to drive in the next few years. The Jag will of course be my starter car leading to a Ferrari, at which point I'll obviously need bright red driving mocs.
Aside from my black Allen Edmonds bit loafers, I had not a single pair of casual black shoes. Though I don't frequently wear black, I figured it was time to stop beating up on my nice bit loafers and find something a little more relaxed. That thought brought me to these mocs from Polo. Immensely comfortable like the style above, I've found these work perfectly with dark denim and a bold polo.

After some Google searching and coupon hunting, I managed to nab each pair for under forty dollars. Cheers to being thrifty without hitting up the thrift shops.


  1. The green driving mocs look better than I expected. I have a pair in brown/linen, so I may give the green another look.

  2. Toad - The green mocs have taken some getting used to, but I'm quickly becoming quite fond of them. It took a couple days of wear to really break them in, but the construction's pretty solid and they clean up well. (same goes for the black)