Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rugby All Around

Rugby, rugby everywhere and not a scrum to play. Sure, I haven't played the game for a couple years but I'll always wear the shirt.

I bought my first set of Polo rugbys about four years back and my collection has grown quite a bit since that time. My latest five acquisitions, pictured here, were all clearance deals found last week at Macy's.

From yard work to hiking, lacrosse to rugby, I find vast use for these things. Yes, I'm proud to say my old club rugby team wore the true stuff, not those collarless scraps of polyester. My less beat-up pieces stay in rotation with button-downs and jeans on cool days, while in summer heat I opt to pair with tees and equally worn-in shorts.

I suggest checking out Polo's basic rugbys - excellent quality and reasonably priced during the occasional sale, or Barbarian rugbys - makers of incredible classic rugbys as well as all sorts of professional gear.


  1. I still have my old high school rugbys in my closet... both Barbarians.
    And that Polo one I picked up from your store. ;)

    All great pieces.


  2. RH - Thanks for the feedback. I've seen a couple Barbarian rugbys at thrift shops here but they've all been beyond repair. I hope you're finding great use for your Polo rugby.

  3. Fantastic stuff. I've got to ask, what club did you play for? Was it in Charleston?

  4. Joffre - I played with my college club team, not in Charleston. I didn't realize you weren't yet on my blogroll, but now you are. Thanks for checking out the post!

  5. I own the yellow and blue one in the wider stripe. It's great. I am wearing it here:

  6. Kionon - Thanks for reading! I'll never have enough rugbys. I get use of mine practically all year. Really enjoying your blog and going through all your posts now. Added you to my blogroll!

  7. Awesome, thanks. I'll return the favor. Please feel free to comment, if you so desire.