Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RLX Jumps the Jellyfish

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the phrase jumping the shark, used to describe a person or thing suddenly passing its prime or becoming bothersome. I'll get to that, but first up are my good, bad, and ugly of the week from Ralph.

The Good. Tartan jacket in cotton poplin. I've been wanting a tartan jacket for a long time (why not) and this might be the one for me. Its styling is similar to the Lords Canvas Windbreaker, with the addition of a chest pocket and hood - both definite bonuses. With a price around two hundred, it's on my wish list until a big sale pops at Macy's or Polo. No Big Pony, no fake logos, no ocean life. You'll see.

The Bad. This new line of logo-riddled Regatta jackets. I appreciate the bold, nautical feel that's attempted here, but unless you're competing in the America's Cup (rather, especially if you're competing in the America's Cup), you shouldn't adorn yourself in logos for and numbers of events that don't exist. This sentiment extends to you too, makers of all things Nautica. And yes, there are matching shorts.
The Ugly. Somebody at RLX's design team stole my childhood shower curtain. Seriously, I can't believe how similar this design is to that of a ten dollar piece of plastic I appreciated in elementary school. This one, however, will cost you nearly three hundred dollars. I doubt even PacSun would produce something this odd for its surfer bum clientele. Yes, I'd say RLX might have jumped the shark, jellyfish, whatever here. Those who thought this was a good idea probably need some sense stung into them by real jellyfish.

Enough rambling for now. Have a wonderful week!

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