Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rugby Personal Preview

Right now Polo and Rugby are offering 25% off purchases with 10% of each purchase going to United Way Japan relief efforts. Never having enough shawl collar sweaters and wanting to help out a bit, I ordered these.

Even on clearance and with discounts, I've never spent so much on two sweaters (around $150 total), but I have high hopes these will live up to my other thickly-knit Polo sweaters which are pretty much indestructible.

The first piece is a 70% cotton / 30% cashmere jersey knit, with rack-stitching around the cuffs and nice contrast stripes.  The second is a flat-knit cotton with rope-and-toggle closure in Nantucket red and contrast stripes. They both certainly look great, but I'll have them in my hands in a couple days and will follow up with feedback and photos.

Until then, I'll be loading up on NHL playoff games as bearded and toothless gents vie for the Cup. Let's do it again, fellas.

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