Monday, March 7, 2011

Orange for All

Just when I thought I was out, winter pulls me back in. Pardon the Godfather reference, but as I'd been growing excited for spring with temperatures in the 60's, the region's seen snowstorms since Saturday night. Here's my Sunday gear, decked out in warmth and all things cozy.

First up is a thick cotton shirt from Polo, not flannel but nearly as warm. The cable knit sweater is silk and also from Polo, via eBay. Even in the coldest of winter, I prefer layering lightweight cottons and silks to heavy wools. The vintage tie, made in America, is a one dollar thrift shop piece.

Khaki cotton twill jeans from Polo, sturdy and warm, a great alternative to traditional denim. Lands' End cotton socks, awfully orange. The boots aren't L.L. Bean but Eddie Bauer. If I were to buy new I'd go for Bean boots, but this shearling-lined thrift deal has been pretty fantastic.

All this is topped by one of my greatest-ever eBay finds. Polo's quilted jackets now run up to $500, but this model from a couple years back was still tagged (at $325) and in perfect shape. It was listed at $150 and, after haggling with the seller, I got it for $110 with shipping.

What's your go-to winter coat?


  1. For me, the orange socks really bring it all together.

  2. Looks good, perhaps it's my inner hunter talking but I've always liked the look of orange and green. Also, that quilted jacket is incredibly awesome.