Sunday, March 6, 2011

CKC Shoppe Essentials

I've extended the current offer until Tuesday at 10:00pm ET. Make a purchase at the CKC Shoppe from now until Sunday at 10:00pm ET and receive 21% off when you enter the code CKC21. You'll receive a free tie with purchase and an exclusive coupon for 25% off a future purchase. Nine new items to check out!

Just had to save the best for last.


  1. YWP - Thank you! I know you'll wear it well. It's been one of my favorite sweaters for awhile, but I came upon a similar one and decided to give up the original.

  2. I wish the inseam on those patch madras trousers weren't so short. About five to seven inches longer and they would have been perfect for me.

  3. You could always convert them into shorts (tweed shorts, I know I know) and make a couple ties and pocket squares from the rest.