Monday, February 28, 2011

Staying Grounded

Many of you have been e-mailing me, asking when I'd return to posting my own stuff. I've tried to balance my posts on style inspiration and the CKC Shoppe, but I certainly haven't been taking the time each day to photograph my own looks and write about them. Today I get back to my style with some of my favorite pieces.

I've started with a Polo tartan oxford, one of my favorite shirts to wear this time of year. With it I've matched a vintage Gant rep tie. The incredible menswear shops that used to exist in town all carried Gant in its heyday and I'm very fortunate to have discovered around fifty ties over the last three years.

The sweater vest comes from Lyle and Scott for Elder-Beerman/Bon-Ton. A decent pick up from the clearance racks. The cords are from Polo and the wingtips are Florsheim. I've had this pair for months but am just now getting around to wearing them. A thrift shop find at about one dollar, these now rank among my favorite and most comfortable shoes.


  1. $1 for those shoes? You should go back to the thrift store and donate and extra $10. They are nice shoes!

  2. These shoes are awesome, but they look like they can use some TLC...

  3. YSP - I find most of my stuff at the same local thrift shop. I've been very blessed to discover many great things there, so I give back when I can.

    El - On my next day off, I'm going to take a few hours to brush and polish all my dress shoes. This pair had been collecting dust for awhile and I haven't had time to work on them.