Sunday, February 13, 2011

Remember This

I have several hundred ties, a couple hundred more than I need.  I've remedied this by starting to sell a bunch of pieces at the CKC Shoppe. However, now and then I'll find a few more great ties at thrift shops or on eBay. As I continue trying to edit down my wardrobe, I've added these four to the rotation. Up first is a Polo wool challis foulard, perfect for the season with a tweed sport coat and cords. Next is a cotton paisley, washed out for spring with a cotton blazer (madras perhaps) and worn-in oxford. After that is a gorgeous silk foulard, much brighter than it appears in the photo and great with just about anything. These first three came from from eBay, accompanied with tags and at only $8 a piece. Yet, the final tie is my favorite. Why?

It arrived last month as a graduation gift from Mister Midwester.  Already featured in my 101st post, I've worn it several more times with either my purple oxford or one of my purple sweaters. 

I have my particular style and love finding good deals for myself, but nothing means more than a gift. Something I've been thinking of lately in trying to find the perfect gift for my mother's birthday. With Valentine's Day coming up, it's important to remember all the special people in your life. Remember what they've done for you and all the things you can do for them, and carry those thoughts with you each and every day.

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