Thursday, February 3, 2011

If the Shoes Fit

As is the case in thrifting, you sometimes end up with pieces that are quite nice but don't fit perfectly, or things you simply don't need. A number of these pieces are soon to end up in the CKC Shoppe, including a bunch of shoes that weren't quite right for me. But in the mean time, I've been searching for some new old shoes to round out my collection, ones that will leave me comforted while standing all day at my retail job. Not finding anything lately at the thrift shops, I came across three beautiful pairs on eBay. Each pair just arrived and I'll be trying them out when the snow subsides!

These Cole Haan cordovan tassel loafers were an unbelievable find. Without looking at the soles, you'd think these are brand new. Not a scratch. Not a scuff. Just perfect in a smooth, deep burgundy cordovan leather. I plan to keep them this way.

 Ever since picking my first pair for a couple bucks, I've been in love with the style and craftsmanship of Allen Edmonds. For close to a century, the modest yet elite brand has been producing classics here in America. I have plenty of old loafers and boat shoes, but none from AE until now. The Holton model's pebbled leather adds a nice touch of texture to any outfit.

Cap toe oxfords in a sublime golden tan. Though a bit roughed up at the toes and heels, these Allen Edmonds are what I've been wanting the most. After a quick shine and new laces, I'll have these looking nearly new. Without a model name stamped in, I searched the AE site and it seems this style is discontinued. What's listed is the Comfort Orthotic label. Cushioned insoles, soft rubber soles and a padded tongue make these the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.

All three pairs ran me just over $60, including shipping which made up half the total cost. With no bidding competition, I lucked out yet again. Some of you might question the hygienic safety of used shoes, but there's really no risk when you invest in a good spray by Dr. Scholl's and rubbing alcohol. Happy hunting!


  1. Remember that Allen Edmonds will also take them back for a one-month re-conditioning/re-soling for about $100. I've had it done to several of mine, including a pair for which I paid $2 . They come back in great shape!

  2. The golden tans are AE Bentons. They offer them in Black and Chili at the moment. Nice shoes for being on your feet. Love the color too.

  3. YWP - Thanks for reminding me. I looked into this awhile back, and I'll certainly consider it once I have a pair that's completely worn out.

    JSG - Thanks for your feedback and for finding that model! Not sure how I missed them.

  4. Excellent finds! Tassel loafers, penny loafers and light brown/tan bluchers are probably the best casual shoes there are, and you happened to find all of them, congrats!

    YWP noted the best way to get new shoes for about a third of the price of MSRP, buy em used on the (very) cheap then send them off for reconditioning. I'm about to do the same with my Alden loafers.