Saturday, February 5, 2011

CKC Wears the Preston Chino

The common factor in these shots is Polo's Sun-Faded Preston Cotton Chino. I'll explain the choice in a moment. As I've said many times before, the simplest looks can make the greatest statement. Here you have a neutral pant and two subtle colors. No pops of color necessary, just similar brightness to each garment. Besides, it's hard to go wrong with pink and green.

I need to get back to posting more of my own outfits, but there's little I'd change in these looks if I were to try them for myself. Again, a neutral pant and solid vest are combined with a muted check. Plain yet elegant, though I'd have gone with burnished golden brown shoes to contrast the dark pants.

I cannot put into words my disdain for the overuse of the hooded sweatshirt, the "hoodie," in American culture. People rarely wear simple sweatshirts anymore but love their completely oversized and graphic-filled fleece. A nice and stylish alternative for chilly winds is a french-rib model like this. In subdued colors up top, you can let other parts of your wardrobe make a statement. Case in point, these madras sneakers. I could also see this working with solid shoes and a madras belt instead.

Finally, my reason for featuring this collection of pants. Very recently I ordered one of my all-time wish list pieces - a patchwork madras blazer I'll be posting upon arrival. Now I've found the other summertime staple I've wanted as long as I've had this crazy love of prep/WASP/trad whatever style. Nantucket Reds. At least, as close to the original as I'll get. Polo calls this color Brick Red, but for me it brings to mind summer at the cape around saltwater-sprayed woods.

From dreaming of an early spring vacation and back to reality. These pants run $98, twice as much as I'll put up for almost anything. However, these just came in at my job and the employee discount really helped.

What's your quintessential (ugh...) preppy item and how do you wear it?


  1. Is it really necessary for trousers to be at least one size too small in order to qualify as
    ivy/prep/trad/WASP, whatever?

  2. It´s not about the size, rather the cut & colour. You probably can´t tell from the pictures above that those are too small...

  3. In reply to Dutch Uncle, typically trad trousers were one to two sizes too big, and Ivy/Prep seemed to be one size too small. I think in trying to appeal to younger generations, brands have begun offering slimmer, shorter cuts on their trousers. Although they still offer the larger sizes but don't actively advertise them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Depends on where you are on the spectrum.

    The Preston chino is relatively new in the Polo RL lineup, being the modern cut pant. The Andrew was the classic cut but I can't find it offered online anymore, but I'm willing to bet you can still find them in the stores. My favorite is the Prospect pant (which I'm actually wearing today), which is a nice middle ground between the two.

  4. This is why I try to stay away from labels, but sometimes figuring a niche is helpful for discussion. Honestly, I find my style fitting primarily into the "preppy" persona.

    I'm yet to wear anything with the Preston cut, but I'm very hopeful it will work for me. I have several Prospect and Andrew cut pants, which have always fit quite well.