Friday, January 14, 2011

Style Share and eBaffled Continued

Thanks to Mister Midwester's December Style Share, I've been blessed with two more great ties for my collection. My new camera has already stopped working but I'm tired of waiting to do this post. I've already tried out these Lands' End ties a couple times, and they're on par with my favorite Polo and Brooks pieces. Please check out Mister Midwester's latest posts featuring Style Share images from David at the Natural Aristocrat and Spoozy at Kleidsam.

My new eBay acquisition is this Polo sweater featuring thick cable knitting, a shawl collar, and a perfect blend of cotton, linen and silk.

It's crazy how well these colors match up. I started off the day with my olive tie and cords. After work I switched into my red tie and cords for the evening. I paired these with my madras driver's cap (with hints of olive and red), green/white striped oxford, shawl sweater and shearling boots.

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