Thursday, January 13, 2011

eBaffling Inspiration

Sometimes I'm amazed by the deals I find on eBay. There comes a thrill from getting in a last second high bid on that item you've always wanted. Better still is when you find that item, and no one else is bidding. A true steal. I had been wanting this sweater for months, but I kept finding it running a minimum $70. So last week, I find it listed...

Granted, $12.40 is a little ridiculous for shipping a sweater. I was ready to shell out the mere $11.99, but I had a good feeling about this. I bid $5.99 and several days later the sweater was mine. Though from a seller with 100% positive feedback over +1000 ratings, high shipping seemed to scare other bidders away. Sure I got lucky buying from a high-volume seller who didn't know what he had, but my point is patience. Unless you're looking for something truly unique, take your time and learn what's out there because that wish list item is almost certain to come along again.

I'll be showing off the sweater in my next post along with my Style Share ties from MisterMidwester, given that my new camera works properly.


  1. Making a great deal on ebay is one thing that is giving my sartorial pleasure every you stated, it takes patience and although shipping seems higher than average, it doesn´t matter at all if you take in regard the article´s prize :)

  2. Spoozy - Thanks for your feedback. I haven't had much luck for couple months now at the thrift shops, so I've gotten into eBay again. Be sure to check back for my Style Share look.