Sunday, January 16, 2011

C.K.C. Suggests L.L. Bean

I don't shop L.L. Bean too often, but lately I've come upon this excellent, very reasonably priced set of flannel shirts. Where I live, the temperature drops often enough to need a couple durable flannel shirts. These run $29.50 and are composed of premium Portuguese brushed cotton flannel. The cloth is yarn-dyed and roomy enough for extra layering. On top of all that, they're sold in four of my favorite tartans.

Royal Stewart. Bright and Bold.

Dress Thomson. Less seen, just as bold.

Dress Gordon. Always a classic.

Black Watch. My favorite, of course.

What's yours? And what's your favorite L.L. Bean piece?


  1. Black Watch, indisputably.

  2. Have the Thomson. I think LL Bean adjusted their fit a few years ago. They're a lot slimmer now.

  3. Of course I'm inclined to say Black Watch, but for some reason I really like the Thomson as well. My favorite from LL Bean is my pair of Maine Hunting Shoes, I love those things.

  4. I'd call it a tie between Black Watch and Thomson. David, I had a feeling you'd pick your shoes. Certainly my favorite from L.L. Bean as well.