Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seasonal Inspiration

Many of my style ideas come from the blogs I read every day. A single item or entire outfit might inspire my own combinations. I tend to archive my favorite looks to review when in need of inspiration. Here are some of my latest finds, thanks to Mister Mort and Street FSN.

Though it's hard to pull off black and tan/brown, I think it's done really well here.

This trim corduroy jacket is an essential piece to the classic fall wardrobe.

This look feels so cool and comfortable. Just a great photo, too.

This outfit's so simple and breezy. Almost has me wishing for summer.

Quite rakish. I'd switch to some flashy socks and monk straps.

I'm really enjoying the contrast between the shirt stripe and waistcoat/pant stripe.

Which of these looks inspires you the most?


  1. I'd go for the corduroy attire, but would change the pocket square into something more colorful.

    First pic: Are jacket and waiscoats really black? Looks more like blueish (or even charcoal?) to me. And it looks pretty smart. One should never wear (really deep) black and brown, if you want my opinion.

  2. One point I'll never understand is the current trend of wearing clothes that look like you are ready to hand them down to your little brother. Trousers simply must reach your shoes, and why wear a jacket that looks as if it will rip apart if you yawn? I realize it is a fashion trend, but the fellow with the umbrella can not possibly feel comfortable.Your selection of matchings is wonderful as always,I like your sense of style. Forgive an old man for grousing a little!

  3. Third picture down, guy with the bow tie is killing it. Love the light mocha suit with slightly darker vest and blue oxford. Then the dark tie and belt frame it all. Great stuff.

  4. Mike - Thanks for reading. It might be charcoal. My screen's brightness isn't so great. I totally agree, the depth of the colors have to balance out.

    James - I always greatly appreciate your input, and couldn't agree more. Regarding the man with the umbrella, I really like the jacket. I understand rolling/cuffing your pants a little, but wearing them as though they're hiked up your torso just doesn't work.

    Mister - The third look is also my favorite. I'd love to find a vest like that.

  5. I like the rigs in all the pictures, but I would also tweak them a little here and there.

    The third look is my favorite as well, I'm really getting into playing with variations on the same color.

  6. David - Sometimes the simplest color combinations create the boldest statement.