Sunday, December 12, 2010

Purple and Yellow Panache

I live on the east coast. However, thanks to my father, I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan. Thanks to my uncle, I'm a Los Angeles Lakers fan. So, I've always had a love for purple and yellow. After checking out David's post recently, I stumbled upon this image through Prepidemic. Were I an older gentleman with the panache to sport velvet slippers about, this look wouldn't be so intimidating. Yet, it is awe-inspiring and one of my CEY outfits. Country club, Easter, Yacht.

For now I'll settle with my bright red cords which I promise to soon post. My final days as an undergraduate occur this week. The commencement is Sunday. I'll be wearing a cap and gown but need the perfect outfit for after the ceremony. Any ideas?

Also, my thanks go out once again to my readers and especially my handful of loyal commenters. You make this blog worth writing and continue to inspire me each day.


  1. Purple and yellow are natural complementary colors, so wearing them in combination with one another is only going to make them pop even more.

    I've always had a really hard time wearing yellow for some reason. Cream colors are okay, but yellow just plays off my skin tone oddly.

    You'll have to post some pictures of your red cords. A pair of those is on my short list of things that I really need to buy.

  2. Mister - I've always enjoyed wearing yellow, yet have a problem with creams, tans, etc. I tend to feel washed out in those tones. I just wore the red cords with my new Pierrepont Hicks bow tie, and the photos will be up tomorrow.

  3. Looking forward to those pics, Scott! And honestly, the colours are flashy, but the guy above wears them with dignity. I say: go for it.

    And Scott, the background of your page is kind of making my eyes swirrl...not the best choice, i fear :(

  4. Congrats to you! Well done indeed. What are your plans for the future?Not wanting to argue,but I like the background. I do agree that the chap wears it with dignity.

  5. Spoozy - I'll go for it as soon as I can find a yellow blazer and purple pants. I feel the background adds a little holiday spirit.

    James - Thank you! I plan to begin graduate school in January, continuing my studies in advertising and public relations.

  6. I've seen this gent before, what a great photo. This goes with what I've been saying all along, you don't have to be limited to one GTH piece if you know what you're doing and it looks good.

    Also, I know it may deform the jacket, but I like the look of walking with your hands in your jacket pockets. It's something I've found myself doing recently.

  7. David - Very true. I'll often just hook my thumbs inside my pockets. I think the key is just not letting your arms rest too heavily and maintaining good posture.