Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Take on Tartan

My wish list continues with these sweaters. The first piece here is quite nice, but just not my style.

When winter comes and it's normal to dawn dull earth tones, I opt for interesting plaids and tartans with dashes of yellows and reds, like seen below. The coordination here is excellent. The yellow stripe of the cardigan goes with the cords, and the small plaid of the shirt works with the much larger tartan of the cardigan.

You can see the quality in this sweater when comparing collar to body and body to shoulder seams. The patterns line up perfectly.

While the previous sweater is beyond my budget, this cotton fleece is just the thing for me. At $89.50, it's relatively reasonable. Featuring my favorite tartan, I could see myself sporting this sweater practically every day. For once I might forgo the wait for clearance and snatch this up in time for Christmas... maybe in time for this weekend.

What's your favorite piece of plaid? What's your take on tartan?


  1. I've seen the blackwatch shawl in person, it's a really nice item. I picture it under a navy blazer with charcoal flannel trousers and some black wingtips.

    I personally enjoy blackwatch the most, followed by the closest thing I have to a family tartan, the stewart.

    Tartan sweaters are excellent, and a great way to inject some change into a wardrobe, but for me the quest has always been for some excellently tailored tartan trousers.

  2. I've been wanting tartan trousers for some time. I saw some recently at a local thrift, but they were polyester and far from my size. The hunt continues. Maybe one of these days I'll have ADG's flow for some custom trousers from Ralph Lauren or Alan Flusser.