Saturday, December 11, 2010

Banana Republic

Yes, Banana Republic. The land of overpriced, under-styled apparel has come out with two pieces that (while still overpriced) would be fine additions to my wardrobe. First up is this plaid double-breasted overcoat. The vertical stripes are rather subtle, which I really like because the more prominent stripes (like rugby stripes) have a rustic, sporty appeal.

When I see the coat from behind I think of Gangs of New York instead, of course without the dandy frills and top hat.

Marled wool. Shawl collar. Toggle closure. Yes, please.

What's your favorite piece from a brand you don't normally shop?


  1. That question can´t probably be answered in due time...could elobarate endlessly.

    The pieces above seem to be quite nice, though. I´ll add them to my list of "favourite pieces from a brand i normally don´t shop" :)

  2. Spoozy - Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to remember my Rooster tie tomorrow!