Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Buy or Not to Buy

I'm feeling festive and considering these Polo loafers. Original price is $89.99 and they're on sale around $50. Should I go for both, just one, or pass entirely?

The next three pairs are out of consideration thanks to prices above $400. However, these beautiful shoes are made in America and feature some special styling and craftsmanship.

Golden brown wingtips are always on my wish list. I have a pair from Allen Edmonds I picked up from a thrift shop last year. Though in excellent condition, they're slightly small and quite uncomfortable after a few hours.

Plaid strapped loafers - something anybody should want. Maybe I could get a cobbler to create something similar with my existing loafers? It's the only way I'll be getting close to this design.


  1. I saw those red and greens today looking through their sale items and wondered if you had a pair!

    If you got both pairs, you could wear one of each color around the holidays with some of the crazy cords you linked about a week ago and have a real GTH Holiday bonanza. :)

    Personally, I'd get the reds, but I'm partial to that color.

  2. Mister - Unfortunately, I waited too long for the red. The green's still available and I'll be ordering soon. "GTH Holiday Bonanza" - I think I'll subtitle my blog that until January. I've convinced myself to wear bright red cords tomorrow. I've only worn them a couple times before, so it would still take some convincing to get me into the 'multi-cords.'

  3. That´s a very nice assortment...get em all, if you find a pot of gold. Meanwhile, you´ll better host some red-cord trou pics tomorrow!! :-)

  4. Scott, any shoe repair shop is able to stretch your shoes to fit better, it's a fairly simple process. Shouldn't cost but $10-$20 either, much cheaper than buying a new pair that fits better.