Friday, November 12, 2010

Corduroy Crack

Here are a couple samples of Rugby's new cords.

Notice the use of multiple duck designs as well as the crosses rifles.

I'm not into the skull motif that more and more bloggers are warming up to, but I certainly appreciate the bold statement made here.

Especially in black and white, these are a little too costume-like for me.

I think I would wear these schizophrenic cords. Oh no, not just a mix of burgundy and navy corduroy...

A color combination around back to appease Green Bay Packers fans?


  1. I've always wanted a pair of these, and am going to be on the hunt for a decent-priced pair this winter. My favorite design was some older L.L. Bean cords with a repeating Saint Bernard dog motif.

    The skulls I can live without, and I don't really hunt anymore so I'd feel weird getting the birds and guns.

    I did find a lovely pair of evergreen RL cords today, but they don't have any embroidery on them. Alas, I will keep looking.

  2. While I usually favor skull and bones, you are correct in that these are too costumey, almost like their relegated to Halloween status. The four panels are definitely classic GTH, although unless I encountered them on sale for super cheap I couldn't really see justifying the price for the two or three times a year they would actually make it out of my closet. The hunting cords however, I could see wearing those instead of jeans on a weekly basis.