Monday, November 29, 2010


I planned to post photos of my red cords I wore on Thanksgiving, but I've been having camera trouble. Instead, enjoy a full spectrum of corduroy colors from Polo. I receive a lot of feedback on my favoritism of Polo but I've never worn more luxurious, comfortable, durable cords than Ralph's.

It takes some confidence to wear red cords, sure. Going the next level and wearing bright orange just might be beyond me.

This intarsia sweater appears to have a shawl collar, but it's actually a hood. Can't get much cozier than this warm and festive piece of nostalgia.

Some of my favorite looks are simple ones like this. The soft tones are incredibly elegant and understated.

I might be able to wear this toggle cardigan only four months a year, but it's almost worth the investment. I say almost only because I, as a college student, can't justify spending all my cash on one piece. However, these green cords might be coming home soon.

I've already got my navy cords, but what catches my attention yet again here is the sweater. Heavy, thick-knit sweaters have been popular the last few winters, but this relatively lightweight aran sweater is a quite versatile layering piece.

What's your favorite pair of cords and how do you outfit them? Any color that's too bold for you?


  1. You know me, i looooove Polo and i love ones in sand, dark blue, burgundy red, orange and black. They are the perfect kind of trou for nasty cold weather...and a great way to colour up one´s outfits...

  2. i love these pants! every guy should own a pair!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. I have J. Crew cords in Nantucket Red and I wear them every chance I get. I would really like a pair in purple. As far as my style is concerned I think only pastel cords would be beyond my wearing, not because of their color but because it's just not a color that sits well with my Fall and Winter dress.

  4. Spoozy - Nice collection. Mine are bright red, olive, navy, brown, golden tan, and sand.

    Monroe - Thanks for reading! Unfortunately I know plenty of guys who don't own a single pair or have even never worn cords.

    David - Nantucket Red sounds great. I was recently at Marshall's and discovered royal purple cords with green/gold crests. They're from the Polo Golf collection and the Polo website currently shows them available only in tan. I'll keep an eye out to see if the purple becomes available.