Monday, November 29, 2010


I planned to post photos of my red cords I wore on Thanksgiving, but I've been having camera trouble. Instead, enjoy a full spectrum of corduroy colors from Polo. I receive a lot of feedback on my favoritism of Polo but I've never worn more luxurious, comfortable, durable cords than Ralph's.

It takes some confidence to wear red cords, sure. Going the next level and wearing bright orange just might be beyond me.

This intarsia sweater appears to have a shawl collar, but it's actually a hood. Can't get much cozier than this warm and festive piece of nostalgia.

Some of my favorite looks are simple ones like this. The soft tones are incredibly elegant and understated.

I might be able to wear this toggle cardigan only four months a year, but it's almost worth the investment. I say almost only because I, as a college student, can't justify spending all my cash on one piece. However, these green cords might be coming home soon.

I've already got my navy cords, but what catches my attention yet again here is the sweater. Heavy, thick-knit sweaters have been popular the last few winters, but this relatively lightweight aran sweater is a quite versatile layering piece.

What's your favorite pair of cords and how do you outfit them? Any color that's too bold for you?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Grand Concourse

Nothing speaks of a grand dining experience like the Grand Concourse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I've heard incredible things about this place and plan to visit during my winter break.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Buy or Not to Buy

I'm feeling festive and considering these Polo loafers. Original price is $89.99 and they're on sale around $50. Should I go for both, just one, or pass entirely?

The next three pairs are out of consideration thanks to prices above $400. However, these beautiful shoes are made in America and feature some special styling and craftsmanship.

Golden brown wingtips are always on my wish list. I have a pair from Allen Edmonds I picked up from a thrift shop last year. Though in excellent condition, they're slightly small and quite uncomfortable after a few hours.

Plaid strapped loafers - something anybody should want. Maybe I could get a cobbler to create something similar with my existing loafers? It's the only way I'll be getting close to this design.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

eBlazers of Summer

After a day of sunny skies and warm weather, I thought I'd go hunting for next summer's sport coats. While it might be difficult to find certain items out of season, when you find something great it's likely to be cheaper than in-season when demand drives the market up. I just discovered this Polo pink oxford blazer on eBay. It's not my size, so happy bidding. Somebody should have this thing.

Oh, and this.

Yes, this too.

GQ at Princeton

From Gordon Von Steiner for GQ - a look at Princeton prep style.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Smarter Payout

Don't feel like paying Smart Turnout's prices? Sure, Rugby has a limited selection, but I'd be happy with any of these three pairs.

Did I say any of? I'll take multiples of each.

Perfect with penny loafers or bouncing about in boat shoes.

Oh, and I would love to see this pattern in sock form, reminiscent of some Polo socks I used to own.

I also wouldn't mind if Rugby threw in a fresh MTA card for my next trip to Manhattan.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Drake's of London Accessories

These pocket squares from Drake's are beautiful. I've seen similar floral prints but the large paisley prints are a bit rakish.
I can't find a single repeating pattern in these fair isle scarves, making them look quite special and giving the feeling of being meticulously hand-knit by someone's grandmother.

One side of wool. One side of silk.

This Blackwatch scarf is absolutely on my Christmas wish list.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Corduroy Crack

Here are a couple samples of Rugby's new cords.

Notice the use of multiple duck designs as well as the crosses rifles.

I'm not into the skull motif that more and more bloggers are warming up to, but I certainly appreciate the bold statement made here.

Especially in black and white, these are a little too costume-like for me.

I think I would wear these schizophrenic cords. Oh no, not just a mix of burgundy and navy corduroy...

A color combination around back to appease Green Bay Packers fans?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Giving Thanks a Couple Weeks Early

Endless appreciation to my father, uncles and every American who has served and is serving our country with unwavering bravery and loyalty.

Thank the veterans in your life not just today but every day. They are among the real heroes in this world.

I am my father's son, the son of a Marine veteran, the son of a hero.

Boot Up

Way out of my price range but cleverly designed are these boots by Ralph Lauren. First up is the Doogan Plaid Wool Boot.

Redford Plaid Boot.

Ackley Wool Plaid Boot.

Oh. And then the Obrian Calf Shoe. "Sleek shoe handcrafted in Italy from hand-burnished calfskin with two brass buckles at the vamp inspired by luxuriously rugged equestrian style." I'll take one pair, please.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alexa Ray Joel - "Song of Yesterday"

I just discovered Alexa Ray Joel in the past hour on YouTube. She's the daughter of Billy Joel but making her own name and amazing voice heard throughout New York and is steadily gaining national recognition. Her soulful yet powerful voice isn't quite like anything I've heard before.

Relax and enjoy.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Power of Pink

To honor October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I loaded up on pink - shirt, tie, sweater vest and socks - for a special fundraiser at school.

I don't believe in luck, but I've been through a lot with this tie. I picked it up from Express five years ago. I know, there's nothing traditional about Express, but I've had amazing things happen while wearing this tie. It's the one tie to survive my house fire last summer. It helped land me my new job; I was complimented on my boldness for wearing pink the moment I walked into the interview.

I picked up the sweater vest from Saddlebred at Belk. The shirt is Polo (of course).

I wore all this with a worsted wool charcoal suit from Palm Beach I found recently on eBay.

The bit loafers are certainly not classic Gucci. This pair comes from my favorite maker, Allen Edmonds, and cost about one dollar. My socks came from Ralph's end of summer sale.

I could use one of them clubs to knock acorns out my backyard off the hill to hit some them squirrels. ~ Said to me by a camouflage-adorned gent at the sporting goods store today as I browsed the sand wedges.