Friday, October 29, 2010

Rugby Outerwear

I'm happy to see Rugby straying away from products drenched in fake emblems and crests. This corduroy jacket offers traditional styling with a twist. With a silhouette inspired by the classic baseball jacket, this piece is unlike any other I've seen this season. Those who find a corduroy blazer too stuffy might find this more versatile and comfortable.

Given that I haven't played baseball in years, I have no intention of putting on a baseball jacket. And yet again, Rugby's produced a unique piece through such inspiration. This cotton/wool herringbone blazer features snap closures (though I would prefer traditional buttons), suede elbow patches, ribbed panel shawl and cuffs.

The final piece here is my favorite - a fleece duffel coat. Instead of wearing thick wools in winter, I prefer the options granted in combining lighter-weight items. Thick cotton fleece offers comfort and durability with looks that will only grow better with age. The layered seams suggest this coat would last for many, many years to come. I found the perfect winter coat weeks ago (which I'll be featuring soon), but this duffel comes close for me.

Take a trip in your mind then you'll find out where you really want to go.

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  1. I think the Blazer is definitely my favorite piece in this collection, minus the suede elbow patches. For some reason I despise any jackets that have this feature. I just think it looks tacky.. but that's just me.