Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Returning with Rugby

I truly hope those of you who have taken the time to read my random thoughts will come back after such a long hiatus. In the past few months I've been overwhelmed by my final undergraduate semester, loss of family and such.

However, it's autumn and at a time when flowers and trees are wilting, traditional style blossoms yet again. I love the options of fall - the layers, the colors, the textures. Sure, I'm a bit of a Polo loyalist, but you can't deny the quality and creativity of Ralphie's work - especially in the fall. A couple new pieces by Rugby have caught my attention, and I'll be focusing on them in my next several posts.

This isn't your 1980's cricket sweater - the one with shoulder seams hanging down to your elbows, the one that's probably 100% acrylic. This one's Shetland wool and an excellent layering piece.

We're used to seeing so many Rugby items covered with crests and patches, yet the only patches on this thing are herringbone wool elbow patches. I've never seen such a unique touch to a cricket sweater and I think it pays off pretty well.

Suit vests/waistcoats just don't work for me. Instead, I'm a supporter of the sweater vest. This knit piece offers a cut that combines the comfort and ease of a sweater with the elegance of a waistcoat.

On, this piece is considered a sweater, not outerwear. However, I could see myself putting on a v-neck or cable knit and layering this on top to take the place of a coat on not-so-cold days. You've got to love the classic appeal of true rope and wood toggles.

I don't plan on picking up the first two pieces any time soon, as I already have similar things in my closet. I'll definitely be picking up this toggle sweater as an early Christmas present to myself once I see a good sale.

It's never too late to start the day over.


  1. Glad too see you back in action. Rugby is finally easing into solid pieces instead of relying on the skull/bones motif (as much as I'll admit I like it) and/or rebranding polo items. I've just recently scored a tennis sweater, and that sweatervest looks too short for my tastes (and height), but I do like the hat and the toggle coat, it's perfect for a chilly day on campus or even to a nighttime football game.

  2. Good to see you back on track, Scott!

    Hope your studies prooved successfull and were worht all the effort you put in. Sorry to hear though that you seem to have had family issues...

    Back to your post: i love the Rugby stuff, it brings forth the best of both worlds, which is traditional clothing (herringbone vests, cable knits, tweeds, etc.) with a modern twist (slim cut, skulls and bones embroidery, etc.)

    Yet their prices are somehow ridicioulus and you can´t get it over here in Germany...

    Anyway, keep it steadily coming!

  3. I had assumed that school was the reason, but I am sorry to hear about your loss. Good to have you back, it is enjoyable to hear what a young man with style has to say.

  4. David - A football game's the first thing I thought of with that toggle sweater. Ever see the movie Leatherheads?

    Spoozy - Rugby's prices are crazy, I have no choice but to wait for clearance. Though it's hard to wait for some pieces that, like I said, I've never quite seen before.

    James - Thanks so much for your encouragement. I greatly appreciate it.

  5. Hi Scott

    thanks for your comment. your friend is gorge! i like your blog. new follower!

    xoxo Monroe