Friday, October 29, 2010

Rugby Outerwear

I'm happy to see Rugby straying away from products drenched in fake emblems and crests. This corduroy jacket offers traditional styling with a twist. With a silhouette inspired by the classic baseball jacket, this piece is unlike any other I've seen this season. Those who find a corduroy blazer too stuffy might find this more versatile and comfortable.

Given that I haven't played baseball in years, I have no intention of putting on a baseball jacket. And yet again, Rugby's produced a unique piece through such inspiration. This cotton/wool herringbone blazer features snap closures (though I would prefer traditional buttons), suede elbow patches, ribbed panel shawl and cuffs.

The final piece here is my favorite - a fleece duffel coat. Instead of wearing thick wools in winter, I prefer the options granted in combining lighter-weight items. Thick cotton fleece offers comfort and durability with looks that will only grow better with age. The layered seams suggest this coat would last for many, many years to come. I found the perfect winter coat weeks ago (which I'll be featuring soon), but this duffel comes close for me.

Take a trip in your mind then you'll find out where you really want to go.

Extra Extra! ... Extra!

Thought I'd bring back one of my favorite posts.

If you're around my age, you saw Newsies when you were young. If you're a parent, maybe you watched it with your kids. If you haven't seen it at all and enjoy classic, simple style at its finest then watch this movie! This Disney film came out in 1992 and for 18 years, it has been one of Disney's most unrecognized, underrated films.

Newsies has history - depicting the forgotten yet influencial New York newsboys strike of 1899 (Robert Duvall is great as Joseph Pullitzer). It discusses the essence of communication, advertising and public relations - my area of study. The musical scores, lyrics and choreography are excellent. But most importantly to this blog, the style is brilliant.

As you've seen, I love bold colors in my wardrobe and I love pattern mixing. Of course a movie about poor newsboys isn't filled with color, but these outfits are full of depth and elegance. If only all men held themselves to such standards today! Think about this. Until the past fifty years, most boys were brought up dressing in such sophisticated manner. These penniless, orphan newsboys could walk around New York City right now and be among the best dressed on the streets.

Notice the interesting lapel on the left and the excellent proportion of the vest on the right. The driver's cap (in this case, a newsboy cap) would make a fine addition to my collection.

The kid on the left makes me wish walking sticks were part of modern style. I would proudly wear the entire outfit of the next newsie over.

Here's another wonderful photo, just added thanks to Old Trad. The newspaper industry may be fading, but Newsies and its style are timeless.

Carry the banner. Live that gentlemanly manner.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Summer Send-Off

I discovered these photos a couple days ago taken before my cousin's birthday lawn party in late August. The invitation stated casual - this is casual for me. When the temperature descends throughout the evening, a layering piece like a lightweight sweater vest or blazer slightly dresses up a standard button-front shirt and keeps you warm.

I was quite happy to get one last run from my Polo seersucker blazer before autumn. Tan and white seersucker makes a subtler statement than flashy yet traditional light blue and white. I continued to dress up the look a bit with a linen navy pocket square.

Given the use of a pocket square, I opted out of wearing a tie. However, the navy and light blue of the pocket square are picked up in the sweater vest. I came away with the white Polo shirt and Club Room sweater vest for around $30 on clearance at Macy's.

I forgot to flash my socks in this one - Club Room yellow pair to match the sweater vest. The jeans are yet another great pick-up from my store - Polo Stanton jeans at $22. The tassel loafers are my trusty Johnston and Murphy's I've totally worn down by now. I can't get over the shoes I thrift sometimes. This pair cost as much as the socks.

Go together, never matchy-matchy.

Returning with Rugby

I truly hope those of you who have taken the time to read my random thoughts will come back after such a long hiatus. In the past few months I've been overwhelmed by my final undergraduate semester, loss of family and such.

However, it's autumn and at a time when flowers and trees are wilting, traditional style blossoms yet again. I love the options of fall - the layers, the colors, the textures. Sure, I'm a bit of a Polo loyalist, but you can't deny the quality and creativity of Ralphie's work - especially in the fall. A couple new pieces by Rugby have caught my attention, and I'll be focusing on them in my next several posts.

This isn't your 1980's cricket sweater - the one with shoulder seams hanging down to your elbows, the one that's probably 100% acrylic. This one's Shetland wool and an excellent layering piece.

We're used to seeing so many Rugby items covered with crests and patches, yet the only patches on this thing are herringbone wool elbow patches. I've never seen such a unique touch to a cricket sweater and I think it pays off pretty well.

Suit vests/waistcoats just don't work for me. Instead, I'm a supporter of the sweater vest. This knit piece offers a cut that combines the comfort and ease of a sweater with the elegance of a waistcoat.

On, this piece is considered a sweater, not outerwear. However, I could see myself putting on a v-neck or cable knit and layering this on top to take the place of a coat on not-so-cold days. You've got to love the classic appeal of true rope and wood toggles.

I don't plan on picking up the first two pieces any time soon, as I already have similar things in my closet. I'll definitely be picking up this toggle sweater as an early Christmas present to myself once I see a good sale.

It's never too late to start the day over.