Thursday, June 17, 2010

Business Casual

I've recently started a part-time job at a clothing shop. Though part of a large chain, the store is quite small and I've been hired on as key-holder/second assistant manager. When I think of customer service in retail, I believe appearance is nearly as important as demeanor and mannerisms.

Minimum wardrobe requirements are polos and khakis with loafers. This is my standard casual wear. However, I discovered that during summer months, male employees may wear capri-pants and sandals. I felt a little sick.

How am I to be taken seriously as a clothing salesperson if I can't dress well? Sure, few of my customers have the traditional taste I personally prefer, but if I'm to make a sale I need to act and dress like an authority of such matters.

This is my most recent look. For under ten dollars I'm wearing a white Polo oxford, Dior tie, and Croft and Barrow vest. This is my business casual.

The photo of my pants and shoes didn't turn out well, but for under thirty dollars I was wearing black Polo chinos with black Allen Edmonds brogues.

What's your business casual?


  1. I bet you'll teach them a thing or two. I can't stand exclusive men's stores which allow salesman to wear blue jeans. Show a little respect for your customers.

    I encourage you to start your own online store, either as a stand-alone or on eBay just seems a little tacky, even though I love eBay. Good luck on the job!

  2. "shuddered" not "shuttered". Just saying.

  3. Alan - I've been doing some research, and eBay seems the easiest and safest. I'll let you know when my pieces are up.

    Anon - Thanks for catching that.

  4. Capris, wow, that's something I thought I would never see encouraged among menswear.

    That being said, my casual is nearly identical to yours. I say blow them away and don a jacket every now and again. I've just started working part time at my uncle's jewelry store so I get to essentially wear whatever awesome outfits I can figure out. I look forward to actually rotating through my entire tie collection.

  5. Where are you working?

  6. David - Best of luck with your new job. Your recent posts have been fantastic.

    Anon - Casual Male.

  7. I agree! People need to have more care in their appearance.

    I went to an interview yesterday for a teaching position. I was in my new linen suit, blue shirt, brown knit silk tie, and brown shoes.

    What were my interviewers in? Rumpled polos with either shorts or equally rumpled khakis!

  8. Thorn - Sounds like a very nice outfit. Let me know how things turn out.