Sunday, May 9, 2010

To the Ladies...

My uncle Bobby passed away Thursday, reminding me yet again of the absolute importance of family. I teach 5th grade Sunday school, and today's lesson was all about Mother's Day and considering the opportunity that extends beyond honoring mothers of the world. Today, I taught my class that Mother's Day should celebrate grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, sisters, teachers and friends. These people often serve thankless roles in our lives as mothers of their own accord but also as caregivers for so many others. So, let us remember to, at the very least, thank these people for all they do.

Happy Mother's Day!

Today's outfit inspiration:

Love for mothers. Love for all.


  1. As a Lutheran pastor I would like to thank you for sharing the idea of Vocation with your students. It is a good thing for us to acknowledge and thank each other for doing our Vocations well, also keeping in mind that the true reward doesn't come from us, but from God.

  2. Maanum - Thank you, I couldn't agree more.

  3. Scott I am sorry for your loss.

    Always Bumby