Sunday, May 23, 2010

eBay Abounding

I'm not only a fan of thrift shops but eBay as well. I hadn't made a purchase for several months until yesterday when I simply had a feeling I would find something great. My feeling completely paid off. After finding a lot of four sweaters in February containing two Polo cashmere cable knit sweaters in green and brown and two cotton cable knit sweaters in yellow and light green for a total of $20 with shipping, yesterday I found this lot.

A Buy It Now price of $199 was posted, with a Make an Offer option. I offered $144 and the price was accepted. For $9 shipping, I'm getting these four cashmere sweaters at $153, approximately $1650 off of original retail.

While $153 is quite a bit to spend, I had to think about the purchase in relative terms. Aside from saving $1650, I've found pieces that I would almost certainly not find in a thrift shop. The authenticity was guaranteed by a seller with perfect feedback and over one thousand sales. Also, $38.25 a sweater is even less than a Ralph cotton cable knit would cost at clearance.

Never underestimate the value of investment pieces, the staples of a wardrobe that might be hard to find but that one shouldn't do without.

Here's the entire lot. I can't wait for these to come in the mail.

What's your greatest eBay find?

Search thoroughly. Invest carefully.


  1. Whoa, now that is the jackpot! Polo cashmere is amazing stuff, I only have one in lime green which I got for $40 on clearance at Saks but I've had it for years now and it just keep getting better. Great finds!

  2. Congrats on your find and saving $1600... that's definitely a find. As for me, back in March I bought a lot of Hagar suits,there was a total of 6 suits, 12 jackets, 2 pairs of pants and a vest. All of this, plus shipping, for under $300. Then I sold a few of the suits and jackets that didn't fit right or I didn't like color wise and broke almost even. E-bay can be really awesome.

  3. wow thats really a good find! and the colors are beautiful.
    my latest good fin on ebay was a lot of 11 rl shirts and 5 100% lambswool rl sweater for around 40$ shipped.

  4. ... and finally barbour jackets. the liddesdale and the bedale for together around 80$ :)