Monday, May 17, 2010

Dhani Jones

If you haven't watched Dhani Tackles the Globe on the Travel Channel yet, you can start tonight (Monday) at 11:00PM. Dhani Jones of the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals is a defensive veteran with sport experience extending far beyond football. So far in the show's second season, Dhani has performed long-distance cycling in Italy, strongman competitions in Iceland and cricket matches in Jamaica. Throughout each episode, Dhani honors local culture while learning the respective sport's customs and traditions before competing in a professional match.

Dhani always displays incredible sportsmanship and not only acts like a gentleman but dresses like one. He's becoming well known for his love of bow ties and traditional menswear. Also a fan of jazz, Dhani plays saxaphone and piano.

Please stop by Dhani's website to learn more about one of the few gentleman left in the worlds of sport and celebrity. Also, check out his line of ties.

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  1. I think the true defining moments in athlete's lives are not what they accomplish on the field but what they accomplish when the game's over. Dhani has proven himself to be one of those few people who can build upon a successful athletic career to achieve even more in life by educating us on world customs and traditions without the old standby of becoming a commentator.

    Plus, he's a great advocate of the bow tie, which I most certainly respect.

  2. His modesty and honesty make each episode so enjoyable. He seems to realize how blessed he is to have such an interesting life.

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